During decades of work as a litigation attorney in state and federal trial and appellate court arenas I continually saw the need for more sophisticated methods of teaching courtroom speaking skills to trial lawyers. It has been the realization of not just a goal but also of a career-long dream to build upon work I did even as early as law school. While in my third year of studies I served as the only student adjunct faculty member and taught a graded course entitled 'Basic Skills in Trial Advocacy' to the other law students. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and it has been a great pleasure to continue to serve and assist the legal profession by providing highly specialized training for trial and appellate attorneys on their demeanor, courtroom presence, speaking, presentation and persuasion skills.

For over two decades Rick has had the privilege of assisting the legal profession by providing highly specialized training for attorneys on the extremely critical communication aspects of effective trial advocacy.

  • Professional Demeanor, Qualified Appearance and Public Bearing
  • The Confidence Aspects of a Courtroom Presence
  • Speaking Skills, Delivery Style and Lawyer Mannerisms
  • Highly Effective, Understandable and Organized Presentation Skills
  • How to Persuade an Individual, a Group and the Non-Listener

Rick Conducts Specialized Instructional Programs For Trial Lawyers


Litigation Savoir-Faire

Know-How and Winning Courtroom Style, Presentation and Engagement Techniques