“Success in life is knowing what you were born to do, doing it, and doing it well.”
— Rick Batson



Generally speaking, most people find that they are best at that which they are the most passionate about.

Professionally, Rick is most passionate about the law and about helping others through his public speaking work.

Personally, he is most passionate about family, education, the great outdoors and volunteering to be of service to others.





With over thirty years of entrepreneurial and speaking experience, and from his earlier career as a state and federal court trial attorney handling complex, high-profile civil cases involving numerous Fortune 100 companies, as well as the lives and fortunes of some of today's most interesting people, Rick creates and delivers executive presentations, seminars, keynote addresses, lectures and other instructional programs for high-performing business leaders, ambitious entrepreneurs and aspiring organizations on specially selected topics about success, leadership, communication and career excellence.

Rick started speaking professionally in 1985 when he began his legal career as an associate attorney and then as a litigation partner at a well-established and historic law firm in Clarksville, Tennessee. In 1995 Rick opened his own law practice in Nashville where he litigated complex civil actions involving intellectual property law, employment law and professional negligence suits.

Some of Rick's cases have been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, (Albert Gore Sr., Pauline Gore, Albert Gore Jr., and Tipper Gore v. Jersey Miniere Zinc Company); USA Today, Court TV Channel, MTV News, Variety, Rolling Stone, The National Law Review and Los Angeles Lawyer magazine (Vincent Cusano p/k/a Vinnie Vincent v. The Kiss Company, Gene Simmons Worldwide, Inc., and Polygram Records, Inc.) and The Geraldo Rivera Show, (DePalma v. Metropolitan City of Nashville.)

Rick retired from the active practice of law in 2006 and using his experience and knowledge of employment law, founded WORKFORCE LEGAL SEMINARS to provide accredited training programs for human resource professionals on all aspects of human resource management and career excellence.

Most recently Rick established RICKBATSON.COM to expand the reach of his public speaking work.

Rick, a native Tennessean was born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee and attended Vanderbilt University where he obtained his B.A. in Political Science and English. Rick obtained his J.D. from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University.


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