“A team may succeed by motivation alone. It has happened that way.
A team may succeed by preparation alone. It has happened that way too.
A team becomes an invincible team when it is both motivated and prepared.
Ultimate team success, excellence and invincibility have only happened that way.”
— Rick Batson


. . .  that to have stand alone success every organization must know how to access their team's innate capacity for collective greatness. To excel as a group and surpass the sum of their individual talents they must learn the secrets to group success.

Rick can show your group or organization how to activate the dormant or under-achieving maverick within every member of your team so that your organization as a whole can thrive by accessing and capitalizing on its total, overall collective strength and potential for greatness.

Rick will forge exceptional leaders within your organization who are infused with the right traits, attributes and qualities and in the right quantity and combination, and cultivate within your leadership and workforce a reinforcing, collective team mind-set so that your entire organization will have the capacity for greatness and success through motivation and preparedness that exemplifies the highest degree of:

  • APTITUDE: Capable, Knowledgeable & Competent
  • AWARENESS: Attentive, Alert & Deductive
  • CONFIDENCE: Self-Assured, Resourceful & Self-Reliant
  • EMOTIONAL RESOLVE: Motivated, Inspired & Passionate
  • INTEGRITY: Honest, Ethical & of High Moral Standards
  • MOTIVATION: Committed, Dedicated & Driven
  • MENTAL & PHYSICAL ENERGY: Enthusiastic, Energetic & Eager

Success will change you. In any endeavor, when everything finally comes together, when all of the preparation and effort spent turning a vision into reality pays off, a winning moment occurs which is recognized by everyone as a turning point. There is that moment when everyone realizes that a shift has occurred. Everyone knows that they are all now somehow different. 

And everything is just . . . tremendously . . . better.